To make my 33rd year more interesting, and hopefully prevent it from blending in with all the others, I am writing a haiku to reflect every day.

Inspired by Skid Maher of the GCP, the original HaikuBoy

March 2023

2023/03/02 #365

I’m glad you’re with me
At the end of all these poems
It’s over, it’s done

February 2023

2023/02/28 #363

Another loop wraps
Around the sun one more time
What to do this trip?

January 2023

2023/01/31 #335

A rainy day slog
Productive between resting
Finish with puppies

December 2022

2022/12/31 #304

symbols, falling leaves
drifting and twirling, they seek
a gentle landing

November 2022

2022/11/30 #273

Polygons decide
Each face will tell a story
Take a chance and roll

October 2022

2022/10/31 #243

Ghosts and ghouls abound
Demanding candy payments
Pay them or scrape egg

September 2022

2022/09/30 #212

Early morning maths
Code to plot fancy functions
Now go find zero

August 2022

2022/08/31 #182

I visualize
Features scattered through the globe
I will organize

July 2022

2022/07/31 #151

Braided locks of gold
Conversations with the old
One thing, it’s not cold

June 2022

2022/06/30 #120

Got some treats today
Must. Resist. Eating. Them. All.
Starburst were better

May 2022

2022/05/31 #90

Too much fun last night
Paying for it this morning
Time to sleep one off

April 2022

2022/04/30 #59

Fancy suit and tie
Not as pretty as the wife
Time to give money

March 2022

2022/03/31 #29

Last haiku of March
This one will stay on the page
Better make it count…